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Beginning Friday, November 3th and going through Sunday, November 5th, we will be walking 100 miles for Darkhorse Lodge and the veterans we serve. Wherever you live, we invite you to join us. Our goal is to cover at least 100 miles per state in as many states as possible, on the same weekend, raising money for Darkhorse Lodge.

You will be asked to walk the entire distance yourself or break it up into teams. If you have 4 people, each could walk 25 miles. A team of 10 can each walk 10 miles and so on. However you divide it is up to your team. If you don't make it 100 miles, it's OK. It isn't the distance that matters, it's the heart of the team Trekking.

You can all walk together or trek in separate places, even in different states! Every participant will get pledges ahead of time and collect once the walk is complete. Sponsors may pledge a set amount or an amount per mile, in increments of .25. You will set your team's course, which can be done at a school track, a park district path, sidewalks through town or even on country roads, depending on where you live and where is most safe. We recommend notifying local authorities and letting EMS know of your planned route.

It will be nice and cool in November so sign up, grab some friends, plan your route and start collecting pledges! You can obtain all of the necessary paperwork for you and your team under the 'Forms' tab.

On the weekend of the trek, we ask that you please take a photo (or more) with your team and a sign showing what state you are walking in. You can post it (them) on our Facebook event, "Darkhorse Lodge Trek for Troops-2023' or text them to the lodge at 731-363-3616. Together, we can make this huge! Please invite as many people as you can, and let's get every state involved. Creating multiple teams per state is encouraged!

These patches are earned according to miles walked. They are cumulative so keep track from year to year and we will send them for you and your team members when you submit your Trek totals.

In 2015 we had trekkers in 14 states (more than 20 teams in Illinois!) and raised a total of $49,745.70!
In the years since, the amounts raised are as follows.
2017  $35,182.99
2018  $35,473.01
2019  $41,147.97
2020 $51,311.55
    2021  $74,960.69 
  2022  $63,324.64
 all with just about the same amount of
states represented.
Can we double state participation this year? I know we can!


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